At Kalyani Technoforge, we are equipped with fully automated forging presses of different capabilities for different requirements. With efficient methodology and next-gen technologies, we provide optimized forging solutions to every customer.

  • Closed die hot, warm, cold, precision and near net shape
  • Best-in-class lead time
  • Single piece flow- from bar to finish
  • Fully automatic presses- 6 axis transfer line and robotic arms handling
  • Iso annealing, spherodise annealing, hardening & tempering furnaces
  • Appropriate presses for competitive edge ranging from 630T to 4000T
  • 400T cold forging
  • Contingency ready- with 20 presses, we are always ready with interchangeable dies
  • Future expansion- two presses of 4000T and a press of 2500T