Automobile Chassis is the base on which the vehicle is built. It provides a foundation for attachment of other components and acts as a load-bearing structure. The chassis of an automobile serves the purpose of holding together all its parts and making it move by transferring power from engine to wheels. The chassis holds much more than just the drive train; it also holds the electrical system, fuel tank, exhaust system, suspension, brakes and steering gearbox.



Foot rest in two wheelers is mainly for the safety, comfort and convenience driver. It is a static component which is attached to chassis. We manufacture footrests produced using a hydraulic press to achieve the desired aesthetics

Holder Body

Handle bars provide a mounting place for controls such as brake, throttle, clutch, horn, light switches and rear view mirrors; and they help to support part of the rider's weight. It is the static component to hold the handlebar of a bike.

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