KTFL has made significant investment in state-of-the-art facilities to develop world-class capacities & capabilities over the course of several years. Our particular emphasis has been on developing new products, which has served as the foundation for our growth over the last decades. Our core philosophy centres around a concentration on innovation, and we have fostered a strong R&D team to expedite product development.


CAD software–(Siemens NX-12)

NX is high-end multipurpose modelling software which enables to model components of any geometry in 2D and 3D, this further helps us to integrate synchronous modelling which visualises the motion simulation.

Transvalor Forge 11

Forge 11 software is the best-in-class simulation software for the forging industry that we use for CAE analysis of material flow in mould, grain flow, and pre-identification of the forging defects as well as die stresses that could cause during forging process.

Powermill Cam (16AR)

Power-Mill provides comprehensive milling strategies for high-speed and 5-axis machining, providing you with the tools you need for manufacturing molds, dies, and highly complex parts.

Reduce Roll Design Software-Vera CAD

Vera-CAD is used to create process design based on the limiting reduction ratios of different cross section types. After the completion of the process design, 2D technical drawings and 3D CAD models of the rollers can be created by a single click within a few seconds which is used for material optimisation.