Automobile Chassis is the base on which the vehicle is built. It provides a foundation for attachment of other components and acts as a load-bearing structure. The chassis of an automobile serves the purpose of holding together all its parts and making it move by transferring power from engine to wheels. The chassis holds much more than just the drive train; it also holds the electrical system, fuel tank, exhaust system, suspension, brakes and steering gearbox


Wheel Hub

Wheel hub is a crucial part for your steering system contributing to the safe steering & handling of the vehicle. We offer precision wheel hub & pre-assembled unit sub-assemblies to our various customers. The wheel hub assembly is also critical to your anti-lock braking system.

King Pin Yoke

King Pin Yoke is mainly used in front or rear axles. The king pin yoke connects the steer axle to the steering knuckle, supporting the steering geometry and allowing the wheel ends to turn the vehicle. These hefty steel pins work in tandem with the bushings to handle intense forces while keeping the knuckle in proper alignment.


KTFL supplies fully furnished, ready to assemble spindle for passenger cars. A spindle is basically a part of a vehicle’s suspension, binding the wheel and the tire into the steering system, the spindle is situated in the front part of the vehicle.

Radial Housing

It is a part of steering system, which is used to direct front wheels.

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