We have a state-of-the-art research laboratory recognised by the Department of Science and Technology (DSIR), Govt. of India. Importantly, prominent companies like Rolls Royce & Boeing have approved our lab along with the standard ISO7025 NABL certification. Along with this, we have fully equipped in-house digital libraries & world-class patent research engines at our behest. In addition, we implement innovation & technology strategies for creating new and differentiated products. Developing new technologies & filing for patents consistently has reinforced our status as an innovation-driven company.


  • KCTI and KCMI are purely dedicated to technology innovation and manufacturing innovation.
  • KCTI focuses on improving metal processing, advanced and virtual manufacturing, failure analysis, alternate materials and much more.
  • KCMI is all about prototype manufacturing in record time.
  • 3D printing in plastic and metals.

Prototype Facilities

A unique set of equipment for quality control, testing & validation at Kalyani Technoforge drive its ability to arrive at solutions for every problem. All our products are regularly monitored for accuracy using some of India's rarest and most advanced inspection equipment. In addition, our expertise in data retention and multi-gauging, with cutting-edge technology, enables us to provide unmistakable efficiency.